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Langde, Datang & Paikai Miao(Hmong) village
Detailed Itinerary:
Kaili—Langde Village—Datang Village—Paikai Village--Kaili
    At around 08:00-30am, our guide and driver meet you at your hotel in Kaili, drive to Langde , visit Langde Miao village, Langde is one of most beautiful ethnic group villages at the region of Leishan and Kaili, visit a Miao family and see embroidery stitch demonstration, have lunch at a local Miao family’s home..
    After lunch, drive to visit Datang Miao village, in fact, Datang is a small town, and the village we are going visit is called “Xinqiao”, it’s just at the right side of the town, just because many travel agencies are used to calling it “Datang”, so here we also call it “Datang village”. The traditional festival dress of Datang is different from Langde village, so it’s worth visiting. Visit Datang Miao village with family home visit and weaving demonstration.
    After the visit, we drive to visit Paikai village for Lusheng-making, Lusheng is a kind of popular musical instruments among the Miao, we also have a short distance(about 1km-half an hour) hiking tour to see water-wheels, Miao wooden houses and rice terraces.
    Drive back to your hotel in Kaili, at around 19:00pm, you will get back to your hotel, finish the tour.

Service includes a private car or business van, English-speaking guide service and entry fees.

  To make the tour, contact Along
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