2021 Guizhou Minority Festival Dates
Yi Women on Big Cool Mountain
Festival Name Date Location Ethnic Group Attraction
Lusheng Festival Feb 17-18 Yatang Zhouxi Style Miao ***
Tiao Hua Po Feb 21 Suoga Long Horned Miao ***
Lusheng Festival Mar 1-3 Zhouxi Zhouxi Style Maio ****
Tiao Hua Po Mar 27 Nankai Small Flowery Miao *****
Firecrackers Festival Apr 14 Fulu, Guangxi Southern Dong ***
March Third Apr 14 Baojing Northern Dong **
Sisters' Meal Festival Apr 27-28 Shidong Shidong Style Miao *****
April Eighth May 19 Feiyunya Gulong style Miao & Gejia ***
May Fifth Jun 14 Weining Big Flowery Miao, Yi ****
Dragon Boat Festival Jul 4-6 Shidong Shidong Style Miao ***
June Sixth Jul 15 Huaxi Buyi **
Cha Bai Song Festival Jul 30 -Aug 2 Dingxiao Buyi ***
Torch Festival Aug 2 Weining, Panxian Yi **
New Rice Eating Festival Around Aug 20 Nearby Kaili Miao ***
Fare Oct 31 Chong'an Gulong style Miao, Gejia **
Lusheng Gathering Nov 2-3 Gulong Gulong style Miao ****
Miao New Year Around middle November Villages nearby Leishan Xijiang style Miao(Long Skirt Miao) ***
Jiyou Festival Nov 25 Guizhou Miao **


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