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     History Worn on the Back

In Pingba, Anshun regions, there is a myterious trible called "Tunpu People", who is named "Old Han Chinese".

  The Tunpu people are likely to built their stone homes on flat and fertile areas, making the concentration in the town of Tianlong in Pingba, and Jiouxi and Qiyanqiao in Anshun. Some villages are also located on precipitous valley which is good to prevent the village from invading by the other local tribles. Yunshantun village is one of the examples, stone houses with small shooting holes were built in the village so as to defend the enemies.

  When walking by or walking into the Tunpu villages in these regions, you will be recognized by local women's special costumes and hairdo. According to the legend, the Tunpu people came to this region some 600 years ago in the early of the Ming dynasty.

  More than 600 years ago, the King of Liang of the Yuan dynasty stayed in Yunnan in confront with the Ming dynasty, thus the emperor Zhu Yuanzhang sent 300 thousand soldiers to Yunnan annihilating the surviving forces of the Yuan.


 Pingba and Anshun were the places the Ming troops must pass by and they were important stratigic points, it was the entrance to Yunan. Thus after the war, these Ming soldiers were forced to stay in these regions. They started to build their homes and terrace their fields, they played as both the roles of farmer and soldiers so as to safeguard their homelands for the Ming dynasty. While there was no fight, the Tunpu danced " Ground opera" for entertainment. The opera was performed on the ground, not on stages, hence " Ground opera". The repertoires are from Chinese ancient war stories, to be surprisely it has a much longer history than Peking opera, thus so called " living fossil".

  600 years later, the Tunpu people still keeps their Jiangnan(nowadays nearby Nanjing regions) style dialects, traditional archtechtures as well as costumes of the dynasty. You may find every history story from women's costumes. Some Tunpu peoble are good businessmen. They still feel proud of being the decendents of the powerful Ming dynasty. So we may say this is a trible whose history was worn on women' backs.

  When the history wheel moved to the 21 century, many Tunpu villages were chosen to open to tourists from both at home and abroad, thus their age old cultures appeard to the world. When walking to the Tunpu villages, you will find youself go back the Ming dynasty of 600 years ago.

  Friends, if you want to dream back to the Ming dynasty, come to Guizhou, come to Pingba and Anshun, here is the ideal place.


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