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         The Buyi             

  The Buyi in Guizhou make the concentration in South Guizhou, Southwest Guizhou, Anshun and Guiyang.

  The total population of the Buyi in the province is about 2.84 million according to the population census in 2005 which make up a little over 95% of the total Buyi in the whole country.
Seldom living separately alone, the Buyi families are likely to make their houses among rivers and mountains. But the village location of different place is different. For instance, most of the Buyi in Anshun region build their home at the flat area with stones. The Buyi in South Guizhou and Southwest Guizhou more likely live wooden houses. Every village has a village head in charge of village dispute or argument,. The Buyi people's house structures and building materials are different too due to different regions. For example, the Buyi in South Guizhou live in wooden houses with balustrades, and usually the house consists of three floors. The first floor is the storage of domestic animals, farm fertilizer, farming tools; the second is for people to live; the cash crops such as rice, corn, potatoes is storied on the third floor. However, the house of the Buyi in Zhenning, Anshun, Liuzhi is made of stone as the region is rich in limestone, not timber.

  The Buyi men's costume is more simple, it nearlly likes the Han's, but some regions still keep their own traditional festival dress. Most of the Buyi women wear trousers, some also dress in pleated skirts. They have a tendency of liking wearing batiks, flower lace is docrated on women's shoulders, collars, sleeves and the bottom hemlines. Buyi women also wear scarf, apron and silver, but they wear less silver comparing with the Miao. The Buyi women in Zhenning are skillful at wax-printing.

  The staple food of Buyi is rice. They also like rice wine, dog meat.
According to the custom, the same clan who has the same ancetors can not marry each. Generally speaking, the Buyi youth are free to choose their lover partners, and the traditional activity of looking for lover partners is very interesting which is call " Ganbiao". The wedding ceremony is special and interesting too.

  The are lots of folk festivals among the Buyi, namely " Liu Yue Liu"-June 6th, " San Yue San"-March 3rd, " Si Yue Ba"-April 8th, " New rice eating festival" and " Zha Bai Ge festival"-Song festival. During the festival occasions, the Buyi boys and girls in their fine gala dress get together and sing folk songs to each other so as to look for their favorite partners for the future life, the old men play Suona-a kind of musical instrument, the most grand festival is the " Zha Bai Ge festival" in Dinxiao, Xingyi in the Southwest of Guizhou, the "Liu Yue Liu" in Zhenfeng is very interesting too.


  Some Buyi villages in the province are worth a visit, they are Stone village and Huashishao village in Zhenning, near the Huangguoshu grand waterfall, Nachan and Nakong village in Zhenfeng, Mabie village in Xingyi, Yinzhai village in Guiding, Bawuan village in Liuzhi, Baimang village in Duyun-the capital city of South Guizhou.



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