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Authentic Guizhou Minority Village(Hiking) Tour
This tour is a small private tour( from 1 or 2 to 6 people) to see authentic minority villages, people at the remote mountain areas in Guizhou-a lesser known region in southwest China, you also have many chances to walk along beautiful rice fields exploring traditional architectures, village life, costumes, indigo dying etc due to the proper seasons.

Day-by-Day Itinerary:
D1 Elsewhere--Longdongbao airport in Guiyang--Upper Langde

Arrival Longdongbao airport in Guiyang, guide meet you at the airport, then drive about 3 hours by private car to Upper Langde Miao village on the freeway and paved road through stunning mountain scenery.

Stay in Upper Langde at Farmer's Wooden House on Stilts
D2 Upper Langde
Drive to explore some Miao villages nearby, or you may have the chance to make the hiking tour to some Miao villages. The Long Skirt Miao and Short Skirt Miao make the concentration at this region(Leishan).
Stay in Upper Langde at Farmer's Wooden House on Stilts

D3 Upper Langde--Rongjiang
Drive to Rongjiang through beautiful mountain scenery, visit Miao and other minority villages on the way.

Stay in Rongjiang

D4 Rongjiang
Today we drive to see some Miao villages or Dong village on the Moon mountain with spectacular terraced fields, the Moon mountain is a very remote area in Guizhou, villagers seldom come to big cities, now cars can get to a few villages by reasonable road.

Stay in Rongjiang
D5 Rongjiang--Zhaoxing
We start early to Zhaoxing, on the way, visit some authentic ethnic group villages such as Miao, Dong where the traditional costumes, architectures, village life are are well kept. The Dong villages are famous by old and beautiful drum towers where are built without any nails for centuries. While we arrive at Zhaoxing Dong village, if we have some more free time, enjoy the time to explore the 5 drum tower, wind and rain bridges on your own, Zhaoxing is an old Dong village which was originally built during the Song Dynasty( AD 960-1297).

Stay in Zhaoxing
D6 Zhaoxing
Today we drive to visit some tribal villages near Zhaoxing area including Dong, Yao, Shui etc. If you to hike, the hiking tour is possible to arrange.

Stay in Zhaoxing
D7 Zhaoxing--Longji
Drive to Longji, after checking in at the guest house there, we visit the famous rice fields in Ping'an Zhuang village.
Stay in Ping'an


D8 Longji--Guilin or Yangshuo
This morning we drive or hike to see the spectacular rice fields at another place, after a late lunch, drive to Guilin or Yangshuo, while we get to your hotel in Guilin or Yangshuo, finish the adventure Authentic Guizhou Minority Village(Hiking) Tour.

  To make the tour, contact Along
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