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    Greetings from Along(Tony)- a guide who guided many tours for Peter Nelson & Phila McDaniel's Guizhou hill tribe textile and festival tours from 1998 to 2003, both of them were the pioneers of Guizhou hill tribe textiles.

Welcome to Guizhou, welcome to my village-Langde.

  First of all, please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Miao from Langde Miao village, my Miao name in full is Long Xian Ni, you may call me Along. This is why my website called Along discovery. Chen Hualong is my Chinese name. I also had an English name-Tony, this name was given by my foreign teacher from Ireland when I was at the university.

  I was born in Upper Langde village in 1976 and grew up there. Now my parents, my elder brother and my sister-in law still live in the village. The childhood of mine in the village was full of hardship and happiness. My family was poor as well as the other fmilies, so we had to eat more potatoes, sweet potato and less rice when I was a little boy, we seldom had meat and chicken, meat or chicken is usually only for festival occasions or when the relatives visit.

  My school life in the primary school was hard, because my family was so poor, but I enjoyed the time in the village and school. Except for studying, I also help my family with the work in the fields or on the mountains, all these made me become diligent. My village had no school, so we had to walk to Lower Langde to study every day, and it took me 6 years to finish my primary school education. Then I went to study in the high school in Leishan for another 6 years, this was a boarding school, we came back home carrying rice and money for our food every three weeks or a month, the trip was made by a 3 hour walking, although there was a bus, and the bus fare was only about 1 Yuan, we had no money to pay for it. Fortunately I was a good student, never let my parents worry about my study, I always was the top student at my school and I got some money from the local government. Then I went to Guizhou University learning Business English in 1995. As I remember I was the fourth college student from my village, my uncle was the first one, my elder cousin was the second, the third one was my elder brother.

Dear Friends,
Along with his clients in a remote non-tourist Miao village Miao people greeting Along's clients in a faraway Big Flower Miao village Along's family with clients from Tucson who traveled with him 4 times to Guizhou
Along with his clients in a remote non-tourist Miao village Miao people greeting Along's clients in a faraway Big Flower Miao village Along's family with clients from Tucson who traveled with him 4 times to Guizhou
Formerly my village was very poor, it's the same as the other nearby villages. My father had been the village head for more than 30 years and just retired a few years ago. It was my father and the old shaman made an important and right decision, to open the village as a tourist village. The village was opened to foreigners in 1986, I can not remember when the first foreign group came to my village, however, more and more tourists from both at home and abroad began to come to my village, now the villagers are spending a much better life, it's a pity the old shaman who had contributed a lot to my village's tourism industry died a few years ago.

  In 1986, I was studying in the primary school and got sick, and I nearlly died of fever, because the hospital was too far away from my home, 3 hour walking trip, and my family was so poor, no extra money to see a doctor, fortunately the students who came to my village research Miao culture from the Centre national institute gave me a penicillin shock and saved my life. Since then I knew there were still some good people except for my villagers, and I had a strong wish in my mind, to study well and go to the university as them, and my study was much better after that accident. When I saw the foreign tourists come to my village at the first time, I was surpprised there were still other different color people except for the Miao. I made a wish to study English well and speak English someday, this may be the reason why now I'm working as a tour operator and English-speaking guide.

  I studied business English at Guizhou University for 2 years. When graduating from the university, my mum wanted me to be a policeman in Leishan, because it was a very good job for a man from the village, however, I myself liked the job as a guide, so I can practise my spoken English, furthermore, I can have many chances to visit all of the regions in Guizhou,even the world, also I can bring toursits to my village. My father was open-minded and insisted on my decision, so I went to work as an English-speaking guide in GUIZHOU CITS. At that time, CITS was the largest tour company in the province, I stayed there for 4 years, I was deeply fond of the minority culture, especially the Miao culture, I was amazed by the varied types of costumes and profound connotation hidden behind each pattern. I've been to a great deal of remote villages during this period, the experience in CITS enriched my knowledge about ethnic cultures and how to arrange tours. I myself wanted to have more freedom and arrange my own tours, so I decided to creat this website.

 I have been to so many villages in the remote regions and seen lots of fesivals, I deeply love this culture, especially the Miao's culture. It's not only because I'm Miao, but also I found the Miao's costume is very gorgeous, and the Miao in different villages have different costume, each pattern has a meaning, and there are lots of legends can tell from, on other trible can compete this. I found the Miao's culture so splendid and profound, there is still too much worth me to learn and research. I'm proud that I can be a propagandist for Miao culture.

  In order to let you know me, my travel products, my service and learn about the Miao cultures of Guizhou, I myself created this web site-- Along discovery. The purpose is to let you know me and make the tour with me, you may also learn about the Miao cultures and other travel information of Guizhou from my web site, I hope it can bring you a little help with your future tours to this mysterious region.

  Except for arranging popular tour itineraries as the other company, my tours focus on Miao festivals, Miao costumes, Miao culture research, I also arrange student tours,the most important is that I myself take most of these interesting and challenging Guizhou tribal festival tours.

  See you in Guiyang and welcome to stay overnight at my home in Langde Miao village.


  To make the tour, contact Along
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