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 Danzhai is situated in the southeast of Guizhou province, bordered by Leishan to the east, Duyun to the west, Sandu to the south and Majiang to the north on the other side of the Wengcheng river. It covers a total area of 940 square kilometers with a population of 165000 including Miao, Dong, Shui, Han and other ethnic groups, the minority makes up 87.7%.

  With a sub tropical monsoon climate, Danzhai is not too hot in summer and not cold in winter. The annual average temprature is 12.6-14.3 degrees centigrade and 21-25 degrees centigrade in summer and 2-7 degrees centigrade. It's an ideal destination for vacation, folk custom travel.
Danzhai is rich in ecological resources, namely Jinzhong tea field, State agriculture demonstration spot and Maobilin provincial forest park.

There are many different types of Miao costumes in the county such as Bazhai Style Miao, White collar Miao, Qingjiang style Miao, Nangao style Miao and Pheasant Miao. The Miao, Shui, Dong, Han and other nations live in harmony here and work together to create a variety of national culture. The pheasant dance, batiks, Lusheng, bird cage, woven ribbons and indigenous paper-making deeply attracted tourists from both at home and abroad. In Danzhai one can still see the Tang dynasty's hair style(618-907), the Song dynasty's costumes(960-1279) and the Ming(1368-1644) and Qing dynasty's architecture(1644-1911). The traditional costoms and beautiful natural scenery make here an ideal travel destination.
There are lots of interesting tribal festivals such as Miao New Year, Fangu Festival, Guzang Festival, New Rice Eating Festival and Pheasant Culture Festival. Duing the festival, the minorities in traditional festive dress sing folk songs, they play Lusheng, they dance pheasant dance, bench dance and Lusheng dance. They play Gupiao(a kind of musical instrument of the Hundred bird Miao and Yahui style Miao). One also can see many ceremonious activities such as bull fight, horse race, dragon playing and cock fight, all these makes it a world of songs and dances. 


Guiyang City
Jiaxiu Pavilion
Qianlin Park

Flower and Bird Market

Qingyan Old Towm

Red Maple Lake

Gaopo Style Miao

Zhenshan Villag

Xiangzhigou Valley

Cultural Museum in Baiyun


Longdongbao Airport
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 There are also many interesting villages and places in Danzhai county, they are really worth a visit. For more travel information of these villages and places, see the following links.

Shiqiao-indigenous pape-making village

Paidaomo-batik art village

Maniao-hometown of pheasant dance

Qingjiang-hometown of Miao Fangu Festival

Songlong-a Hundred Bird Miao village

Larao-Chiyou Festival

Jinzhong Tea Platation-demonstraton spot of national agriculture travel

Paiya-home to Mangtong( a kind of musical instrument )

Kala-home to bird-cages.

Yanying Miao village-a place where people can return to the nature

Longquanshan Mountain-ten thousand mu Azalia

Painting Waterfall-No. 1 waterfall in East Guizhou

Suggested Tour Itinerary to Danzhai:
1. Kaili-Shiqiao-Daboji-Qingjiang-Yaying-Kala-Paidao-Maniao-Songlong
2. Danzhai county seat-Yangwu-Maobilin-Maniao-Songlong-Jingua Cave-Gaoyao.
3. Danzhai county seat-Longquanshan Mountain-Jinzhong Tea Platation-Paiting Waterfall.

There are a few hotels in Danzhai, they are not really good, but the Yinbing Hotel on Longquan avenue is highly recommended

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