Qingyan Old Town   

 29km away from the city center of Guiyang, in the south of the city, Qingyan is one of the four old towns in Guiyang. A frontier garrison built in the Ming dynasty(1368-1644), the town retains its original design of outer and inner cities, each with magnificent city walls, watch towers and battlements. Within the town, well-preserved stone-slab lanes and stone archways testify to its past glory.

 To enforce the imperial court's administration in the southwestern border area, a post station was set up in Qingyan in 1373, followed by the establishment of a garrison. In 1381, an army of 300,000 men was sent to today's Yunnan and Guizhou. Those assigned to Qingyan built their first earthen fortress, indicating the emergence of Qingyan town. In later warring years, the local residents all moved into the fortress for safety, and helped strengthen the town's defence with massive mason works, leaving Qingyan a rich legacy and numerous Ming and Qing dynasty cultural relics.

   It would be no exaggeration to say Qingyan " a stone town". Almost everything is made of stone-houses, walls, roads, archways, stoves and other utilities.Dwellings lining the stone-paved lanes are built with distinguished doors. Decorated with Guizhou-flavour New Year paintings.In this small town,Western cultural influences have blended with Chinese civilisation, while Catholic and Christian churches co-exist with Buddhist and Taoist temples.

  Among its 37 tourist attractions are nine monasteries, eight temples, five towers, three caves, two halls, one palace and an academy. Its three view of the ancient town, its temples and churches, brought to life by children leading their buffaloes and women with shoulder poles carrying their vegetables aolng the stone-slab roads, all these makes the town a mysterious destination.


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