Qianlin Park

  About 3km away from the downtown of the city of Guiyang, Qianlin park is composed of Qianlin mountain, Hongfu Buddhist temple, Qinlin lake, the zoo, Qilin cave, Two dams, Sanlin Bay.

  A comprehensive park, regarded as the back yard garden of Guiyang, the park covers an area of 426 hectares. It became a paradise for the citizens of the city, especially for the old and kids, the old play Taiji, kards and dance Yango sometimes, it's also a paradise for kids.

  In the park, I highly recommend the Buddhist temple-Hongfu Buddhist temple. The temple was built on the 11th rein of emperor Kangxi in 1672 by a monk called Cisong. He spent about 20 years finishing buliding the temple. Now the temple became the largest one in the province and the most popularlous destination for disciples.

  The buildings in the temple include the Precious Hall, the Four Heavenly King Hall, the Hall of Goddess of Mercy, 500 Ahat Hall, Abot's Hall, the hall for storying Buddhist sculptures, temple gate, the dormitory and kitchen for the monks and nuns in the temple. The jade buddha on the second floor of the Precious hall is perticularly special and precious.

  According to classification, the buddhism of the temple belongs to Mihiyana Buddhism. Near the temple you can see rhesus monkeys play by themselves or try to beg candies from tourists which will make you a memorable journey to the temple.



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