Guiyang is inhabitted by Han, Buyi, Miao, Geolao and other ethnic groups, so there are many interesting annual minority festivals.

   During the first lunar month, the Mountainous Miao in Gaopo spend their "Tiaodong" festival, the villagers in gala dress from nearby villages gether in the selected cave or fields, men play Lusheng, women follow the steps. The Mountainous Miao here also spend the New rice eating festival and the festival of April 8th.

   The Qingmiao in Huaxi district celebrate the "Tiaochang" festival in Tongmulin from the 8th day to 12th day of the first lunar month, Tongmulin is just on the way from Huaxi to Qingyan-the old town, so it's very easy to get there.
On the 15th day of the first lunar month, the Buyi in Huaxi celebrate the festival of " Dancing ground opera", men wear colored masks, war flags on back dancing the ground opera.

   During the first month, the Point Hatted Miao in Qingzhen also spend the " Tiaochang" festival, these ethnic groups festivals became an unique scenery of Guiyang.


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