Local delicacies and snacks in Guiyang

  There are a lot of delicious food and local snacks in the city of Guiyang. These are the representative local delicacies in the region.

  Gong Bao Ji Ding-Diced chicken in chili flavor, this dish was created by Ding Baozhen-a renowned man of Guizhou history.

  Hui Guo Rou-Twiced cooked pork, this dish looks fatty, tastes not faty, makes people have a good appetite

  Fish Xiang Rou Si-Fish flavor pork shreds, the meat tastes tender, fresh and a little sweet and sour.
  Zhe Er Geng Chao La Rou-Smoked pork with Zhe er geng in hot(dried chili) flavor, Zhe er geng is a kind of wild grown plant roots which are helpful for good health with strong tastes.

  La Zhi Ji-Spicy chicken, this dish is the hot pot.

  Yang Lang Ji-Chicken hot pot from Yanglang, this dish originates from the town of Yanglang fetured by chili falor, this is also the hot pot.

  Suan Tang Yu-Sour fish soup, the dish originates from Kaili region, not now is also availabel at some restaurants in Guiyang, this dish can increase people's desire of eating more food and rice.
  Wu Jiang Yu-Wujiang fish from Wujiang river, this dish is the hot pot, the fish with Beancurd is very tender and tasty.

  Representatives of local snacks:

  Chang Wang Mian-Noodles with pig blood. This dish is one of the most famous local snacks, especiall suit for breakfast, the noodle is made of egg and flour.

  Chou Dou Fu-Bad smell Tou Fu, this dish is also called " Love Bean Curd" dut to a story during the Anti-Japanese war.

  Lei Jia Tou Fou Yuan Zi-Lei family's Bean curd balls, this dish was cread by the Lei family in 1847, thus named " Lei family's Bean curd balls".

  Mi Dou Fu-Rice noodles, this is a cold dish.

  Si Wa Wa, this dish is raw eaten by using a piece flour made cake to wrap with raw radish shreds, lettuce shreds, kelp shreds, deep fried yellow bean and the like.

  General suggestions from the author-Tony Chen:
To be frank, the local delicies and snacks in Guiyang are delicious, and they are not availabe from restaurants with high quality condision, they are only available from small restaurants with poor conditions, also most dishes are hot, so in general, foreigners are not encouraged to try the food, for Chinese is fine, especiall suitable for the local people.


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