Bus Station


   There are several bus stations in the city of Guiyang through which you can get to the next destination or secenic spot you want to travel.

   The bus station in the Guizhou Gymnasium has buses to most cities and counties in the Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefuture such as Kaili(Miao villages, minority custom museum), Leishan(Miao villages), Rongjiang(Dong villages), Liping(Dong villages, drum towers, wind and rain bridges), Huangping(Gejia and Miao villages, Flying cloud cliff), Shibing(Yuntai Mountain, Samu River), Zhenyuan(Black Dragon Cave Old architecture, Wuyang River), Danzhai. It also has buses to the South Guizhou such as Duyun, Sandu(Shui villages and Hundred Bird Miao villages, White Collar Miao villages), Libo(Xiaoqikong and Daqikong Scenic Spot-the only one world natural heritage, Yao villages and Shuivillage, Guiding. You also can find buses to Anshun(Huangguoshu Waterfall-the largest waterfall in Asia, Tunbao villages and Bouyi stone villages) and Xinyi(Malinhe Gorge, Ten Thousand Peaks) at this bus station.

   If you want to go to Zhijin(Zhijin Cave-the King of Caves in the world), Bijie(Miao villages), Weining(Grass Sea-the paradise for birds such as black neck crane, stork, Yi and Miao villages), Shuicheng, Dafang, Nayong, Zhenfeng(Indigenous paper-making, Black Miao and Buyi villages), Xinren, you can find the bus at the bus station on the West Yan'an Road.
You can spend a little extra money-just one or two Yuan to buy the bus insurance. These long distance buses won't stop on the way for private tourists for taking pictures en route, so if you want to take more pictures en route and want a high quality service, you can hire a private car from local travel agency. Many travel agencies have car rent service, Tony Chen also has this service, you may write to Tony at tony6868@163.com or sud9898@163.com. If urgent, you can make a call to him directly at 13885136348, he will give an answer in time as soon as possible, also he can recommend you where to visit if you have no any ideas about Guizhou.



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