Guiyang City

  Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou. Naturally, it adopts the role of the province's political, economic and cultural centre. But beyond this, Guiyang is also a tourist city. Its landscape of elegant hills and waters, a rich legacy of cultural relics and the characteric lifestyles of ethnic groups make this highland city the chosen destination for many travelers. Guiyang's pleasant climate makes it suitable to visit all year round.

  Guiyang has a long history of some 2000 years. The average lelevation of the city is about 1080 meters above sea level with a population of some 3.2 million. The minority makes up about 36% including the Buyi, Miao and the like. The ethnic groups in the region created splendid culture, lots of traditions such as lifestyle, folk songs, dances, costume, folk art and architecture are well preserved which already deeply attracted numerous tourists from abroad and at home annually. A few villages were opened their doors to welcome clients coming afar, namely Zhenshan, Jiading, Yunding, Duzhai, Xinbao.

  Guiyang has developed several tourist areas in its urban and rural districts. In the downtown, you can see Jiaxiou pavilion, Wenchang pagoda, people's square-Chairman Mao's statue, flower and bird market, Dongshan taoist temple, Bailong cave and Qianlin park. The picturesque Huaxi park, Qinyan old town, Tianhe pool and nearby villages demonstrating ethnic cutoms are situated in its southern suburbs. To the east where you could see Xiangzhigou valley-a place manufacturing indigenous paper from bamboo, Kaiyang grand canyon and a few minority villages. 30km away, the west of the city is the second largest stunning artificial lake-Red maple lake on Guizhou plateau where you can take the boat trip to see Dong's drum tower , Wind and rain bridge.

  Guiyang is the best place where you can start your journey dut to its convenient transportation and comfortable hotels. There are many five star and four star hotels. Lots of daily departure flights can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guangzhou, Chengdu. Also you can take comportable train to Beiing and Kunming if you are a budget traveler.

  The local food in Guiyang is also delicious, so don't forget to try to have some if you have chance.




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