Red Maple Lake-Pear on Plateau 

 A national scenic spot, 30km away from Guiyang, the Red Maple Lake is located in Pingba county and Qingzhen city covering a total area of 240 square kms, the area of 57.2 square kms is covered by water which is 10 times of the West Lake in Hangzhou.

  The Red Maple Lake contains the elegance of the Li river and the beauty of the West lake. The lake is so called " Island county on plateau" due to its some 170 islands on the lake. On the lake, there appears a special view of " lake on mountains, irslands on lake, caves on islands and lakes in caves". The park is charcterized by karst landform and mountains, water, caves and forests, forming a peculiar scenery and feature.

   The Red maple lake is the second largest artificial lake on Guizhou plateau. In 1958, the government built the hydropower station in this place, originally the lake had no name, however there are lots of maple tree on the irslands on the lake, when fall comes, the leaves of maple trees become red, so the lake was given the name of " red maple lake".

  For sightseeing the lake, you will need to take the boat trip, the cruise trip is about two hours. you will see the beautiful lake scenery, also you can see a Dong Wind and rain bridge, a Dong drum tower. The best season to see the lake is from April to November.


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