Guiyang Travel Information


    When traveling in Guizhou, you need to have Chinese yuan--RMB.

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou, so it seems the best place to exchange money.
At some high level hotels, you can exchange few hundred US dollar in cash such as Howard Johnson Plaza, Ramada Plaza Hotel, but it's only for the guests who stay overnight at the hotel, the amount is limited, and it seems not the best place if you want to exchange more money or if you only have card, not cash, you have to go to the Bank of China.

   The Bank of China in Guiyang has the serivce of exchanging US dollar and Euro, and usually there is a ATM outside the bank, but the transportation in Guiyang is a problem, not easy to park the car, so to choose which Bank of China seems important.

   The Bank of China on the Dusi Road is the largest Bank of China in Guiyang city, and you can get RMB from your cards such as Visa card, Marster card, JCB from this bank, it's the much better place to go. But remember not to expect the high quality or very good serive from the Bank of China, usually the bank of China's service speed is very slow, and this is too common in most banks in China, everywhere in China looks nearly the same.

   Now many maijor cities in Guizhou have the Bank of China where you can exchange money such as Kaili, Xinyi.
When you stay at the Guiyang airport, if you don't have time to go to the bank in the city to exchange money, and you only have Visa card, you may try to get the money by your card, there is a ATM at the airport.


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