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          Where to eat

  The food in Guiyang is delicious fetured by chili, sour souces, and there is a lot of choice at different resturants, but also expensive.

Here is the information for your reference.
Resturant name What to eat Telephone number Address
Gui Zhou Long Sea food 5965333 Jiandao Road
Ding Guan Cheng Sour fish soup 5402632 Longdongbao
Dong Jia Shi Fu Cooked food and Dong style food
Hai Gang Jiou Lou Sea food 5830888 South Zhonghua Road
Tian Tian Yu Gang Sea food and cooked food 5667999
Da Qian Na Home cooked food 5500168
Bian Shi Chai Geng Xiang Home cooked food 6800833 23 Yanyujie Road
Wai Po Qiao 5842111 122 Dusi Road
Funan Snacks Snacks 5825838
Old Kaili Sour Fish Soup Sour fish soup 5407259 55 Shengfu Road
Suo Yu Gong Pike 5256665 140 North Wenchang Road
Fu's Barbecue Barbecue 5564466 106 Xinhua Road
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