Tribal Markets of Southwest China/Guizhou

  Guizhou is a lesser known but very interesting place in southwest China. More than 130 festivals occur every year. The Miao, Dong, Buyi, Yi, Shui, Gejia and other ethnic groups created mysterious and gorgeous cultures and traditions. While every day goes by, you don't know how many markets there are a day. I saw many travelers' travel dairies, some are very good, some information is also very helpful, so I also want to give you some information of Guizhou ethnic groups' markets.

Indigo Yao Women at a market

  Yes, there are many markets in Guizhou, some are held every 5,6 or7days, some are held on a certain fixed date such as Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, some are calculated by lunar date such as the cock's day, the dragon's day, the pig's day, etc. So that means, it's not easy to see an interesting market if you are not prepared. If you are lucky, maybe it's an exception and surprise.

  I've traveled to many rural areas of Guizhou and explored lot of minority markets, and saw some interesting markets, I put the information here, hope it will be helpful for you. The markets in Kaili, Rongjiang and Congjiang occur on Sunday, they look nice. The best time to visit the Kaili Sunday market is between 11:00am-13:00pm. The Dong and Miao people come to join the market in Rongjiang and Congjiang much earlier than Kail region, the best time to see the markets there is between 10:00am-12:00am.                                                                    
  The markets in Shidong, Gedong, Zhouxi, Yahui, Xinghua, Xiajiang, Tingdong, Dayu, Longjie, Censong, Pianzhai and Sandong , etc are very interesting, but it's hard to find the date for the market, if you have a chance, you can contact some professional travel agencies for the information and suggestions. If you have interests in textiles and you don't expect to spend much money, the Kaili textile market in Jinquanhu is recommended, the market opens from Friday to Sunday, but the best time to visit is Friday morning, there will be more people and textiles on that morning, but because many professional vendors have selected most of the best textile from that market, it's not easy to find the very high quality textile from there now. Some wholesale shops near the Kaili textile market still have some high quality textiles, maybe you will find some good ones in an amazing price.                       
  Yes, there are more markets in southeast Guizhou, south Guizhou, northwest Guizhou, west Guizhou, hope your trip to Guizhou can come across some of these markets.

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