Southwest China Trial Textile,Fiber Tour

  While searching on the internet for the tours to China, nearlly all the web sites appear to your eyes are always the visits to Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin and Shanghai, etc. However, Southwest China-Guizhou, Yunna, Sichuan,especially Guizhou is an idea travel paradise for tribal textile enthusiasts.

   There are many ethnic group villages in the remote and hidden regions in Guizhou province due to poor transportation, thus textiles, embroidery stitches, wax printing skills, indigo dyeing and festival dress are well preserved and practised at some places, even so, lots of young people have been moving to large cities to work so as to make a better living or making money, many girls are busy studying at school, more and more girls do not like to learn traditional skills from their mothers or grnad mothers. recently, during my trips to some villages for taking the pictures of traditional festival dress, embroidry stitches or textiles, what I heard more to my ears is always like this" don't take the pictures of me, I'm not pretty in the old fiber clothes; It takes me too much time to dress up the horn, so I don't dress for pictures; I can't see well now, so I'm not going to do any more embroderies; I can't make good embroidery, my mother and mother-in law can make much better embroidery; I don't learn any embrodery stitches now, because I'm busy studying at school; I don't stay in our village making embrodery and working as a farmer, working in the fields and making embrodery can not make money,because I must move to Guangzhou to work for money, my son need a lot of money his education..." we can tell this gorgeous treasure which has been practised by their(our) ancestors for centuries will go disappear, maybeafter many years, we only can find it from the pictures. arranges private Guizhou textile tours to the remote areas since 1997, anyone who likes textiles, costumes, fibers or embrodiery

stitches, just feel free to contact. Along is Miao from Upper Langde Miao village in the southeast of Guizhou.


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