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Zhaoxing Dong village

  68km away from Liiping village is the place where the people's government of the township of Zhaoxing works for.It's one of the largest Dong villages in the Dong region of Southeast Guizhou which has total population of some 4000,and more 840 famillies can be found in the village,the village has a reputation of "the first Dong village in Liping."

  Zhaoxing Dong village is situated in a basin,surround by beautiful mountains and evergreen trees,a creek flows through the village.Houses are"style with corridors,all made of China fir or cedar.



  98% is the Lu family,it is classified into 5 clans,living in 5 districts,each clan has a drum tower.The local call it "tuan"in Chinese,nemely"ren tuan","Ii tuan","zhi tuan"and "xin tuan".

  There are 5 old and exquisite drum towers in the village,wind and rain bridges and opera stages can be seen every where.Drum towers and wind and rain bridges are the symbol of a Dong village,they are also the masterpiece of the Dong's architecture.


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