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  25 km from Kaili, 1 hour's ride bus ride, Mandong is tourist Miao village. There are some 300 families, over 1500 people in the village. The Miao belongs to Zhouxi style Miao, women here practise the superb embroide technique-Silk felting embroidery, few families still raize silk worms in summer for getting silk worm threads to make embroidery for women's festival clothes, best part of embroidery can be found on women's jacket and fromt apron. Women here also weave and brocade, the performance here is interesting too.

Festivals are Lusheng festival on the first lunar month, Wooden drum stepping festival on the second lunar month, New rice tasting festival and Mt climbing festival on the 7th lunar month and Ancestor worshipping festival on the 10th lunar month. The Lusheng festival in Zhouixi is really interesting and worth visiting, during the festival, unmarried girl in silver orment and embroidered jackets and apron will join the festival, several men play Lusheng leading the dancing group, girls follow the steps, bird fight and song competion can be seen, the activites continue till sunset.


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