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  17km away from Leishan,and 30km away from Kaili .Upper Langde Village is Located in Leishan county.Their Villagers all are Long skirt Miao except for few newly married bride from Han community.It was opened to tourists in the late of 1986,and was regarded as a national protection unit in 1992.The village has been attracting tourist fron both home and abroad for years by its song and dance performance and old wood architecture,they are all houses on stilts,connected by mortise and tenons,without any nails.the Village has a long history of some 600 years.It is characterized by Miao women's holiday best,12 road blocking when tourist groups need a performance,their Miao women here will join the performance in their silver dress and pleated skirts,women's silver dresses are so gorgeous and old looking,the majou silver ornaments are composed of silver horn,silver crown,silver earring,silver necklace,silver shawls and silver bracelet and so on. The braid embroidery on old women's sleeves is high quality with exquisite technique,the popular patter is silkworm dragon.

Upper Langde village-Home to China Folk Arts, national level protection unit

  Location: 17 km away from Leishan
 Minority: Miao
Classification: Long skirt Miao or Xijiang style Miao
Population: over 130 families, some 700 people
History: some 600 years
Religion: Shamanist
Musical instruments: Lusheng, bronze drum
What to see: Performance including 12 table road blocking rice wine, grand Lusheng dance, Bronze drum dance and the like; Festival dress, Braid embroidery demonstration, old architecture, natural scenery
Cash crops: Rice, potato, sweet potato, corn , tobacco and the like

Festivals: New rice eating festival on the 7th lunar month, Miao New Year on the 10th lunar month, Fertility Festival held every 13 years.


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