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Basha Miao village


 6km in the south of Congjiang county,Basha  Miao village is located on the mountain with an elevation of 550 meters above sea level.There are 371 families and 2061 people in     thevillage,they mainly make their houses in 5 villages.The age old style of living life was well preserved and generated due to it's poor transportation and communication.

  The men's costume shows the Qin dynasty and Han dynasty style,it was about 2000-2200 years ago,Nowadays,men are still in home woen collarless dark blue jakets opened in the right body with copper buttons and strait trousers with wide open,hair is kept long and wrapped on top head,they wear big sword on their waists,carry hunting rifles,as if they are guards in ancient times.Women prefer to dress in cross stitched and dyed clothing with batik patterns,they also like wearing silver ornaments.


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