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Shamu River-An idea paradise of lovers for rafing


  Shami is China fir in English, and it is so called " Shamu river" due to the many China firs on its upper reach.

  The starting place for the rating is only 14kms away from the town of Shibin, the bus trip is some 30 minutes. The rafting trip is about 4 hours, so the rafting trip need half a day.

  The Shamu river is so clean, you even can see fish play in the water, but remember it's not allowed to catch fish in this river. To be frank, the rafting trip is not suitable the old, just for the young. Many chinese tourists come to have the rafting here, you may see people row the rubber boat and play with water happily. For foreign tourists, the rafting is only encourated for the young students or adventure backpackers. En route you may stop to pay a little extra money and taste the local fried fish, shrimps, you even drink beer, the feeling is so great.

  The good season of rafting is from June to August. When you come back to the town of Shiding, the best hotel to stay overnight so far is the Sanfeng Hotel-a three star hotel.



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