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Cruise on the Wuyang River


  Origanting from Weng'an county, with a total length of more than 400kms, Wuyang river flows through Huangping, Shibin, Zhenyuan, Cengong, Yuping of Guizhou and Xinhuang, Zhijiang, Qianyang of Hunan, finally flows into Dongtin lake.
Wuyang river includes the lower Wuyang and upper Wuyang, both are suitable for boat trip.

  The upper Wuyang scenic spot is in Shibin county, and the lower Wuyang lies in Zhenyuan. The most beaitiful part is the lower Wuyang.


  The lower Wuyang is 14km west of Zhenyuan, 40minutes' bus trip, it is renowed by beautiful landscape and clean water. The boat trip on the lower Wuyang river takes about 2 hours, the representative spots are Peacock peak, Three drops of water, Dragon King Gorge, Elephant drinking water, Fishing man and Plateau lake.

  The water of Wuyang river is very clean so a variety of fish live in the river such as carp, whitebait, macherel and the like. You may also see several mandarin ducks play on the water.

  The lower Wuayang is worth a visit when you are in Zhenyuan.


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