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  Sets at the banks of Bala river, half an hour's ride away from Kaili by car, Nanhua is a Miao village. The Miao here are Long skirt Miao, the houses are made of china fir or pine with three stories. More than 160 families live in the village, most of the Miao here are shamanists, a few of them are christians, they were coverted into christianity in 1920s. There is a village church up the village near the performance ground.
The cystal clear Bala river flows through the foot of the village.

  If you want to spend more money, a performance of folk songs and dances can be arranged in the village for you. So before getting to the performance ground, you will have to drink rice wine from the 3 tables of the road-blocking rice wine. All villagers in traditional festival dress will greet entertain you with misic and dances. Unmarried girls wear gorgeous silver ornaments such as silver horn, silver necklace, silver shawls with pleated skirts, Married women old women are in finely made embroidered jackets. Miao girls and women are skilled in flat embroidery and braid embroidery. Lusheng is popular misical instrument for the Miao here for performance and festivals.
Several festivals are spent in the village, namely New rice eating festival on the 6th lunar month, Miao new year on the 10th lunar month and the like.


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