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Fiangu Festival

During the second lunar month, the Miao in Qinglang, Nangao and Tonggu spend a traditional festival-Fangu Festival. The Fangu festival in Qingjiang village is one of the most interesting ones. While the festival is close, all the Miao people of Qingjiang village, whether they are young or old, wherever they are, they must come back to their homes in Qingjiang and celebrate the Fangu festival.

 After the festival, people start to participate in the agricultural works, it's not allowed to play Lusheng(bamboo flute) any more till rice harvest. The young's youfang(looking for the love partner) activity is also forbidden.

 The festival in Qingjiang village usually lasts for three days. On the afternoon of the first day, a small but grand and interesting ceremony will be held. A man go to the rice filed to catch carp. The Gutou-Drum head in fabric robe and bamboo hat leads a group of young people to the cave where the wooden drum is stored, they worship the drum by boiled carp, meat, toufu, steamed sticky rice, etc and carry the wooden drum to the Gutou's home. Inside the Gutou's home, he worships the drum again by rice wine, boiled carp, meat, ghost paper and steamed glutinous rice. Joss sticks are also burned. Every one of the village comes to have some rice wine and the food and dance wooden drum dance so as to get good fortune in the coming year.

  The interesting part is that the young girls in silk felt dress with silver ornaments and the old women in traditional peculiar costume also come to join the dance. Sometimes, when they are nearly drunk, they dance stool dance, everyone's face is funny and smiling. At times, several old men go to the circle centre and sing the old songs for the wooden drum.

  Meanwhile, during the second and third days, more and more young girls in festival dress come to join the dance, bull fight is a favorite by the villagers during these days. The festival is full of happiness


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