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14 Day Tour to Chongqing and Guizhou

Summary: Chongqing is very famous for the Yangze River(Changjiang River) boat trip, but there are also other things in the regions worth visiting. Guizhou is an idea place for hidden China mountain tribe textiles, costume and villages. This tour is to see spectacular natural grand canyons, stone bridges, ancient stone engravings in Chongqing, beautiful waterfalls, bamboos, Miao/Hmong tribe textiles, costume and villages in Guizhou, Southwest China.

Tour Overview


Destination Highlights
01 Arrival Chongqing Arrival, transferred to hotel and relax
02 Chongqing--Wulong Natural stone bridges
03 Wulong--Chongqing Grand Canyon
04 Chongqing--Chishui Dazu Stone Engravings
05 Chishui Waterfalls, bamboo, Painted Cliff(Danxian Landform)
06 Chishui--Zunyi Bin¨an Old Village, a Tribe Village
07 Zunyi Zunyi Conference Site(Red Army), Tribe Villages
08 Zunyi--Qianxi Tribe Villages
09 Qianxi Ethnic group villages
10 Qianxi--Zhijin Tribe Village, Zhijin Cave
11 Zhijin--Anshun Tribe Villages
12 Anshun Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Buyi Village
13 Anshu Long Horn Miao Village, Four Seal Miao Village
14 Anshun!Guiyang!Next City A Tribal Market or Village

Day-by-Day Itinerary:

Day 1

Arrival Chongqing

Arrive in Chongqing, a new municipality city of China, you will be met at the airport by our tour guide and driver, transfered to hotel. Free at leisure for the rest of the day or walk around the city.

Accommodation: Stay in Chongqing

Day 2


Drive to Wulong, in the afternoon, sightsee the natural grand Canyon and natural stone bridges in Wulong As the typical limestone landform, the natural stone bridges are the main scenic spots of Wulong National Park, the 3 stone bridges are several hundred meters away from each other making a spectacular view.

Accommodation: Stay in Wulong

Day 3


This morning we drive to visit the grand canyon, natural pits. This is a 5km long canyon with a depth of 200-500 meters, caused by mountain building movement dozens of million years ago, the gorge is magnificent, precipitous, elegant and beautiful where we can walk through limestone caves. After the visit, drive back to Chongqing.

Accommodation: Stay in Chongqing

Day 4


Drive to Chishui, on the way, we are going to visit the stone engravings in Dazu. The stone engravings of Dazu were the relics from the Tang Dynasty in Buddhism and Taoism style which was listed as a site of WTO in 1999, nowadays one can see more than 500 thousand statues. After the visit, continue the trip to Chishui- a city in the north of Guizhou with beautiful waterfalls, ancient gigantic ferns and bamboos.
Accommodation: Stay in Chishui

Day 5


Today we have a full day to see the waterfalls, old fern trees, bamboos and Danxian landform at the Chishui national park.

Accommodation: Stay in Chishui

Day 6


Drive to Zunyi, on the way, visit Bin¨an old village-a village where we can learn about Red army culture & ruins, explore a tribe village.

Accommodation: Stay in Zunyi

Day 7


Zunyi is a city famous for Red army culture, this morning, we are going to visit the conference site of the Red army. In the afternoon, we drive to see some tribes with nice costume, they only dress these beautiful costume for festivals, weddings and funerals.
Accommodation: Stay in Zunyi

Day 8


See hill tribes, the hairdo of this kind of tribe is very special and huge wrapped on women¨s head with long black wool, they live in the region with corns and tobacco, drive to Qianxi.
Accommodation: Stay in Qianxi

Day 9


Today we are going to see two kinds of ethnic groups.
Accommodation: Stay in Qianxi

Day 10


Drive to Qianxi, see a minority village, sightsee Zhijin Cave. Zhijin Cave is the most beautiful, biggest cave opened to tourists, there are more than 40 formations of the limestones in the cave

Accommodation: Stay in Zhijin

Day 11


Drive to Anshun, see 2 tribe villages with wax printing demonstration or costumes, textiles.

Accommodation: Stay in Anshun

Day 12


Visit Huangguoshu Waterfalls, there are many stunning and spectacular waterfalls at the Huangguoshu national park, the grand waterfall in the park is the most grand waterfall in Asia which is 74 meters high and 101 meters wide, one can enjoy the waterfall from the up, the bottom, the left, the right, the front and the back, one also can walk through the water-curtain cave behind the falls. After the visit to the grand water, we will visit Tianxing Park which is famous by small limestone hills and banyan trees. In the late afternoon, we continue the tour to see a Buyi ethnic village with batik demonstration, the village houses are made of stone slabs from nearby hills by hand.

Accommodation: Stay in Anshun

Day 13


Today we drive a long way to see the Four Seal Miao/Hmong and Long Horned Miao/Hmong(also called ^Qing Miao ̄), the Long horned Miao are small a sub-group of the Miao/Hmong who still keep unique long hair wrapped around the long wooden horn, thus call ^Long Horned Miao ̄, in the past, Long Horned Miao men also wore long wooden horns with wool or real hair for markets, festivals, finally around 35-40 years ago, men changed the tradition of wearing long horn, now only women wear long horns, they usually wear this amazing long wool hair for festivals, funerals and weddings at present. They live in 12 villages totally, and most of them are very poor due to farming at the high elevation terrains, cold weather and poor quality soil, however women of the Long Horned Miao are skilled at cross stitch, batiks, indigo dying and growing hemp for making daily or festival dress.
Accommodation: Stay in Anshun

Day 14

Anshun!Guiyang Airport--  Next Destination, Tour End.

If time permits, see a tribal market or village, drive to Guiyang airport, fly to the next city, the tour ends.

  To make the tour, contact Along
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