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Guizhou Waterfalls, Old town and Miao Culture Tour


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Detailed Itinerary:

D1 Elsewhere-Guiyang
  Arrival Guiyang after lunch, guide meet at the Guiyang airport, have a city to Jiaxiu Pavilion and Hongfu Buddhist Temple if time permit.Jiaxiu pavilion was built in1597-1598 in the Ming dynasty its ancient value exsists harmounously with the surrounding environment today became the symble of Guiyang city. Hongfu Buddhist Temple in Qianling mountain was built in 1672, it is the most famous temple in Guiyang city.
                       Stay in Guiyang


D2 Guiyang----Huangguoshu waterfall----Guiyang B
 Visit Tianlong Old town,enjoy the tranditional Ground Opera performance, inhabitted by Tunpu pleople, Tianlong is an old town with more than 600 years where you can see old architectaures which are made of stones. In the afternoon, we will visit Huangguoshu waterfall--the largest and most spectacular waterfall in China, drive back to Guiyang.
                        Stay in Guiyang

D3 Guiyang---Kaili B
 Drive to Kaili by bus for about two and half hours through the freeway, then visit the minority museum in Kaili so as to have a general idea of Miao, Dong and other ethnic groups cultures in the Southeast Guizhou. This  afternoon, we will drive some 25miles away to visit Shiqiao village and watch indigenous paper making.
                            Stay in Kaili



D4 Kaili---Langde---Guiyang B
 This morning, we drive along the scenic Bala river to Langde Miao village, before entering the village, we will need to drink homemade rice wine from the 12 tables blocking on the path to the village, then enjoy a performance of dances and songs in the village. Visit a Miao family and have lunch at the farmer's home after the performance. 17 kms away from Leishan and 30 kms away from Kaili, Langde village is in the area of Leishang county, the beautiful Wangfeng river flows through the foot of the village, waterwheels sing traditional songs day and night. The Miao have lived here more than 600 years from generation to generation, their trational cultures and architecures are still well preserved, thus named the national key pretection unit. In the afternoon, drive back to Guiyang.
                      Stay in Guiyang


D5 Guiyang---Next destination B
 Leave Guiyang for your next destion by the morning flight, finish the memorable Guizhou trip.


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