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6 Day Tour to

Guizhou Miao Dong Culture and Dragon Back Bone Terraced Fields


Group Size: Flexible Private tour

Departure Dates: Daily departure from Jan to Dec

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Detailed Itinerary:
D1 Elsewhere--Guiyang D
  Arrival Guiyang, guide meet at the Guiyang airport. Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou. Have the city tour to Jiaxiu Pavilion and Hongfu Buddhist Temple if time permit. Jiaxiu pavilion was built in1597-1598 in the Ming dynasty, and still well preserved, today became the symble of the city. Hongfu temple on the Qianlingshan mountain was built in 1672, it is the most famous temple in Guiyang.
                       Stay in Guiyang


D2 Guiyang---Kaili B+L+D
 Drive to Kaili by bus on the free way for about two and half hours, then visit the minority museum of Southeast Guizhou in Kaili to have a general idea and understanding of the culture of Miao, Dong, Gejia and the other ethnic groups in the region. Kaili is the capital city of Southeast Guizhou, Miao is the majority in the city. In the afternoon, we will drive some 40 kms away to visit shiqiao village and see local indigeoun paper making.
                       Guiyang in Kaili


D3 Kaili---Rongjiang B+L+D

  Today we drive to Rongjiang through beautiful rivers and mountains. In the morning, we will visit Langde Miao village en route, before entering the village, we need to drive rice wine fromthe 12 tables blocking the road, after that we will enjoy a performance of traditional dances and sings. Langde village is in the area of Leishang county, it is 17 kms away from Leishan, and 30 kms from Kaili city. After the performance, we visit Tony's home in the village where Tony was born and lived for 18 years before going to the university, and Tony bocame the most professional tour operator and guide in the province for monotity festival and culture tours. Continue the journey to Rongjiang, enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and terraced field scenery en route.

                       Stay in Rongjiang



D4 Rongjiang---Zhaoxing B+L+D

 This morning, we drive along the scenic Duliujiang river to visit Yintan Dong villige and enjoy a performance in the village. Yintan village is located in a basin of the high mountain inCongjiang county, there are two beatiful old and exquisite drum towers in the village, the Dong women here are still in trational dress. After arrival Zhaoxing, check in at the hotel, you may explore Zhaoxing Dong village by yourself. 68 kms away from Liping, with nearly 800 families, Zhaoxing is the largest Dong village in Liping county, and there are 5 old drum towers, 5 wind and rain bridge which are docrated beautifully with patterns in the village. The drum tower, wind and rain bridge and opera stage are the entertained place during festivals for the vilagers.
                         Stay in Zhaoxing


D5 Zhaoxing---Sangjiang B+L

 Today, we drive to Sanjiang, on the way, visit Tang'an Dong village,Diping wind and rain bridge. our lunch willarranged at a small restaurant in Yangxi, Yangxi is a small dirty and ugly town in Guangxi, but the food for our lunch is very delicious. The Dong, Miao and Yao live on the hilly mountains of the region. Before the dinner, We will send you to Sanjiang Hotel and exchange the group with the guide from Guangxi, finish the trip with Tony's company, you will make the rest trip with the travel from Guilin.

                          Stay in Sanjiang

D6 Sanjiang-Longji-Guilin or Yangshuo B+L
  Drive to Longji, have a hiking tour to enjoy the spectacular rice paddies in Ping'an Zhuang village-Dragon Back Bone Terraced Fields if the weather is good, after lunch, drive to Guilin or Yangshuo, we will get to Guilin or Yangshuo before the dinner, finish the trip. You will arrange your own meal, accommodation and the rest trip in Guilin and Yangshuo.


Highlights of this tour: Miao performance, Yitan Dong villgae, Zhaoxing Dong village and maybe some markets if lucky.
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