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 Yunshantun Village

  Yunshantun village was built in the south of Anshun city. The village has displayed perfectly the Tupu culture together with the eight villages nearby.

 About 600 years ago, emperor Zhuyuanzhang sent some 300000 soldiers to put down the revolt and control the southwest of China steadily in the early Ming dynasty. As Anshun was the most important entrance to Yunnan, many of the soldiers settled down in Anshun area after the war. After that, the soldiers built villages with the functions which were good to defend enemies.
  Since they were from Nanjing--the east of China, the architecture of villages is quite different from the local style, nowadays, these people who are the decendents of these soldiers still keep their unique culture, custom, costume and architecture, all these are different from the local's

  During the festival occasions on the first lunar month, the villagers dance ground opera which is regarded as the living fossil in the arts of opera to entertain themselves. The opera is so called " ground opera" due to the performance on the ground, not on the stage. The performers wear colored maskes and banners on the back for the opera show, the motifs are about wars in ancient China, the popular one is "the Three Generals Fighting Lv Bu".

  In Yunshantun village, houses are built with the wood frame inside, and stones decorate the rest parts. Each house has small holes so as to defend enemies. A stone city wall was built around the village, there are only two gates to the village. The ancient houses , stone streets , temples and the people in trational costume bring you back to the period of 600 years ago. Yunshantun village was entitled as the National Key Relics in 2001 due to its well preserved old architectures and cultural ecology.

  On the other side of the village is Yunjioushan Mountain, a Buddhist temple was bulit on the top of the mountain, during " Guanyin Festival"-on the 6th day of the 6th lunar month, local Tunpu women in tradtional costume come to visit the temple worshipping Guanyin-the goddess of mercy in order to wish for having a baby, money or some good fortune.

  There are also a few Tunpu villages near Yunshantun, you may have a short distance hiking tour to these village by starting the trip from Yunshantun. In March, the rape blossom makes this region more beautful, it's like walking in the picture. in all, the village is worth a visit.

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