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Getuhe River Scenic Spot

  10-20kms away from the county seat, Getuhe River Scenic Spot is located in Ziyun Miao and Buyi autonemous County. The scenic spot covers a total area of 93 square kms including Chuandong Cave Scenic Spot, Dahe Scenic Spot, Huangjiawan Scenic Spot and other more individual sites. " Getu" means a holy land in the Miao language.

  In the park, you will see beautiful sites of karst topography such as peak hills, caves, valleys, funnels and underground rivers which shows a feature of magnificent, precipitous, quiet and spacious.

  There live the Miao and Buyi in the park, if you are capable of walking, you can see the Miao and their residence in the cave, probably this is the last den residence in China. The Miao here still spend their annuallly festivals such as " March 3rd", " April 8th", " June 6th" and " Ancestor Worshipping Festival".

  In a word, the scenery here is particularly beautiful, and it's worth a visit.

  Furthermore there are several different Miao in Ziyun county, so if you have a chance to go to Ziyun, you may make a tour to those villages and see their traditional festival dress. But just you let know, few foreign tourists have been to this region, and few tour operators are familiar with the region, so you need to find a professional tour operator and guide for your tour for a good trip.


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