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  Buyi Stone Village

  ?font size="3"> ?km far from the famous Huangguoshu Grand Waterfalls, the Buyi Stone village is located in the region of Biandanshan in Zhenning County.In this region, many Buyi homes are made of stone collected from the region, however, this Buyi village's name is Stone village. More than 100 Buyi families are inhabited in the village facing a crystal clear stream with scenic views. At the back of the village is a hill, thus the houses look one on each other. Also on the river in front of the village is a small bridge on which local horse carriages and cars still pass by. Usually several goose or ducks swim and play with water on the stream leisurely, making the village a peaceful and harmonious picture.

    When walking into the village and visit their homes, the local Buyi women will hold textiles of wax printing and embroidery to try to sell to you. The prices are reasonable and some of the textiles look fine. You also can watch them show the demonstration of wax printing if you are willing to spend some little money, the spend is worth, this way you also visit their homes. The women here are are skilled at wax printing. Some of the old women in the village still wear traditional costume which is beautiful and easily recgnized from their hairstyle and dress. Their homes are also exquisitely built which are cool and comfortable to in summer.

    There is a primary school in the middle of the village to which the children from this village and several villages go from Monday to Friday. If lucky, you may see the children do exerices on the school sports ground which will give you a chance to visit.

    Now the village was choosed as a tourist village to open to tourists, and a big waterwheel was built on the stream, so it's hard to talk about the village. From the view point of mine, I think for a traveller who only came to Guizhou the first time, he can visit this village. If someone had been to Guizhou many times and been to faraway minority villages, this village is not encouraged to visit.



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