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Wenmiao Confucious Temple

   Located within Anshun city, Wenmiao Confucious Temple built in 1368 during the reign of emperor Hongwu in the Ming dynasty. It was used to be the acadamy. In Ming and Qing dynasty it was destroyed several times and renovated. Also it has been enlarged for many times. Wenmiao confucious temple is well preserved, still maintains the architecture style of the Ming dynasty, now became the most well preserved confucious temple in the province.

  Wenmiao confucious temple is a national relic. There are many confucious temples in China, but Wenmiao is very unique, the temple is the perfect combination of Guizhou stone culture and centra China culture, hence regarded as a wonder in the southwest of China.

  Wenmiao confucious temple is one of the four ancient architectural complex of Guizhou province which is regarded as the palace of stone carving arts. The four dragon pillars in the palace are the masterpeices in the stone carving arts of the temple architectural complex. Each dragon pillar reaches more than 5 metters high rounded by the Carved Cloud and Dragon Designs. Such vivid desighns display perfectly the exquisite technique of stone carving. The batik museum in the temple is also worth a visit.

  So if you like traditional architectures, welcome to Anshun and see Wenmiao confucious temple.

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