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A Large Crack on the Earth-Huajiang Grand Canyon

  Starting the trip westward from Huangguoshu waterfall on the old road to Zhenfeng and Xingyi, after driving about 30 miles, a large canyon will appear in front of you, that's the world's large crack-Huajiang Grand Canyon.

  Huajiang grand canyon is in the region of Guanlin county with a total length of some 48 miles, it belongs to the region of Beipanjiang river. Along the 48 mile canyon, everywhere is precipitous cliff and awesome sites such as old chain bridge, old carved cliff picture, engavings on cliffs, however, these are not convenient for visiting so far, the only choice is to stop on the high way on the top and enjoy the spectacular view of the canyon, especially when there are some floating clouds, the scenery is particularly beautiful.

  Now the new high quality high way was completed few years ago, so the tourist bus will go to Zhenfeng or Xingyi through the new way, the part of the canyon you can see is watching from Beipanjiang grand bridge, the canyon of this place is some 400 meters deep with a breathtaking view.

  It's worth having a stop on the bridge to enjoy the view, but please be careful of your belongs and yourself while enjoying the view or going through the bridge.




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