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Fuyuan Wax Printing Art Museum

The Fuyuan wax printing art museum is in the city of An'shun, founded by the famous folk artist-Hong Fuyuan.

  The batik museum has three sections, the first section is the workshop near the back gate producing batik works on the fourth floor where more than 20 women workers work from Monday to Saturday, the daily work time is 08:30am-18:00pm, Sunday is day off. Among the workers, some are Buyi, some are Han, the majorities are Miao women from nearby villages around An'shun.

  The first floor is for dying, removing the wax, washing and drying the batik works. About every 7 days, the factory does this work on the first once, so you may see this process if lucky.

  The last section is the hall in another building at the front gate demonstrating the finished batick works, and they are for sale. The products are displayed on the first floor and the second floor, the works on the first are more cheaper with a variety of patterns from Guizhou minority folk customs to ancient culture of China, they are excellent gifts bringing back for relatives and friends. The works on the second floor focus on Buddhism culture, the works are much bigger and more expensive. There are also a few high quality batik works collected by the artist from the Miao in Zhijin county, these works look more exquisite, and of course they are more expensive, they are suitable for colletion by rich private people and museum.

  Here is some related information about Hong Fuyuan. He has been engaged in batik art for over 40 years, won many titles such as " Top ten folk artist of China", " Outstanding National craftsman", " World Outstanding overseas artist".

  He already created more than 1000 patterns for the works, many of them were displayed nemerous times both at home and abroad, and were collected by China Art Gallery and several provincial museums. Recently he won dozens of prizes as the following:
The Golden prize Chinese Folk Art Exhibition
The Golden prize International Folk Art Fair
The Golden prize Exhibition of Chinese Technologist Art Master Works
The Golden prize World Overseas Chinese Art Meeting

  So in general, if you want to see the modern process of making batick works and buy gifts for relatives and friends, it's worth a visit.



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