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 Xiaotun Indeginous Paper-Making


    China has a long history of making indeginous paper, and the skill has dissapeared in most regions, however it is still practised in Guizhou.

    There are a few places keep this traditional technique among the ethnic groups, namely Shiqiao village in Danzhai County, Xinagzhigou Valley in Guiyang, Xiaotun in Zhenfeng County and a few villages in Yinjiang in the northeastern Guizhou. And different villages use different materials to make paper. Xiangzhigou Valley uses bamboos, however the bark of Goupi tree is used by the Miao in Shiqiao and the Buyi in Xiaotun.

    So when you have chance to visit Zhenfeng, except for visiting the Buyi and Black Miao, porcelian making, one more place you should go to see is Xiaotun indegious paper-making.

    About 40 minutes' drive to Zhenfeng, you will get to a Buyi village called Longjing in the town of Xiaotun where you could still see local people produce paper in a very old and interesting way. They have practised this skill for more than 300 years, their products are for docration and everyday use, now the papers are sold to not only Guizhou, some are even sold to other coutries and won a great attention from the community and mediums.


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