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Mabie Village
  About 8 kms in the east of Xingyi city near Malin Gorge, there is a Buyi village called Mabie.
As I remember the first time I went to this Buyi village was in 1998. I can not remember the specific number of the villagers there. What I still remember is the performance in the village.

  When you need a performance, you may contact the villager in advance for the reservation of the performance. The performance is small, at the entrance to the village, the villager will greet you with rice wine, then follow them to the centre of the village, then they start the performance under the huge banyan tree, this banyan could be more than 500 years old or even more, the villagers said this tree could eat stones, because a lot of stones were embrased by the roots of the banyan.

  The performance is played by 8 musica insutruments, this is the most special feature of the Buyi in Southwest Guizhou. Mr Bai is the most famous musician in the village, he can play with the different 8 musical instruments. While the porformance is given, some local women, children are watching. The particants of the show are small, they look not professtional, they are smilling while performing, the audiences are laughing too, so it gives me a sence of simplicity and unsophistication, I feel like at home. Everything looks so harmonious.

  The women's dresses are simple but unique and beautiful, the time is going by quietly, the performance comes to the end when you are still intoxicated with the enjoyment of the performance. It will be your time to leave the village. The villagers are very hospitable, if you want to stay a few more minutes in the village and visit some families, just tell your local guide, he will arrange this for you. If you are interested in the history or culture of this village, you may find the information from Mr Bai.

  The last time I went to Mabie was 2 years ago with a 11 Canadian women group, Mr Bai still looked heathly and are fond of his musics, I don't know whether he and his family are still fine, but I hope his family, himself and all the villagers are still fine with a happy life.

        Maybe not soon later you will go with with me.


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