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        Wanfeng Lake


  The Wanfeng lake is about 1 hour trip from Xingyi city, it is an artificial lake which covers an area of 160 square kms thanks to the hydropower station built in 1997.

  Wanfeng lake means 10 thousand peaks lake, there are more than 10 thousand peaks and irelands on the lake, one is behind the other, forming an beautiful and amazing scene, hence "Wanfeng lake".

  To enjoy the scenery on the lake will need a boat trip, the boat trip is about 2 hours, the natural scenery on the way from Xinyi to Wanfeng is also stunning, especially during late February and March, the rape blossom, the stones forests, the hills make a beautiful picture. There are some Buyi villages en route, you may stop to wander around to see farmers work in the fields, the experience is fabulous.

  In a word, it's really worth a visit if you have more time in Xinyi.



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