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Black Miao


 There lives the Black Miao in the Southwest of Guizhou, they mainly in Zhenfeng, Xingren.Guizhou Travel guide,Guizhou Tour, Southwest China Tours, Guizhou Travel Agency,Black Miao
When you have chance to go to Zhenfeng or Xingren for market, they might be recgonized by Black Miao women's featured costumes such as black turban, silver earings, cross stitched jacket. And markets are the best opportunities to see their costumes.

    Maybe on one knows how long they have lived in this region, but I guess they moved to this new region some 100 years ago from Huangping in the Southeast of Guizhou due to wars. I myself was from Langde village which is not too far Huangping, just about 100kms far, and I found I could communicate with the Black Miao in Zhenfeng, so I thought they might moved from the region not too far away from my village.

 Zhenfeng is a beautiful town where the Buyi and Miao custom is so rich, one Black Miao village called Zuoqi is worth a visit. The village is not far from the town, just 2kms. If you like to spend more money, you may ask your travel agent to arrange a performance so that you can see their festival dress, the Black Miao girls wear several necklace and cross stitched jacket and pleated skirts. During the performance, you also can taste their delicious sticky rice.Guizhou Travel guide,Guizhou Tour, Southwest China Tours, Guizhou Travel Agency,Black Miao


   On sunny days during the slack seasons, you may come across Black Miao women making cross stitch, embroidery or weaving on a loom. They are hostipitable, so you may ask request to visit their homes. Zuoqi village lies in the big flat area with fertile lands, so the Black Miao here seems more leisurely than the Miao in the Northwest of Guizhou where is characterised by high plateaus and barren lands.

   You can also make a trip to see the Black Miao in Xingren, the Black Miao villages are scattered around some 20 kms far from the town of Xingren.
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