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Ten Thousand Peak Hills



About 2/3 of the area in Xingyi is Ten Tousand Peak Hills which reach the east at Pogang, border Guangxi in the south with a total area of 2000 square kms. In the region, everywhere is a wonder,underground rivers, valleys, peaks, caves, funnels and Bouyi villages make the park a beautiful picture. I can't help imagining what will happen if a real painter is in the park.


 According to some archiologists' research, the region was a sea about 0.36 billion years ago. The continent was formed about 0.28 bilion years ago, and after several mountain movements, the crust was enhanced followed with peaks appearing, under the baking of the sorching sun and the crushing of rain, then funnels, underground river, caves, sinking holes, canyons, stalactites, stalagmites, lakes and accumulated stones were finally formed.

  The Ten Tousand Peak Hills in Xinyi include two parts, one is Dongfenglin( East peak forests ), it's much further from Xingyi, and not as beautiful as in the west. The other one is Xifenglin( West peak forests ), it's just about 5 miles away from Xinyi city, some of my clients think it's the most beautiful place in Guizhou. It seems that it could have been transplanted directly from Guilin. There are many sites in Xifenglin such as General stone pillar, Peak of Camel, Eight Diagram Rice Fields, Sinking Hole, a few Buyi villages scatter along the Nahui river which you can stop to wonder around.

  When the rape flowers are blooming in March, the area looks particularly stunning. The single way of the touring route in Xifenglin is about 3 miles, and eletronic cars are offered for the sightseeing, the staffs in the park are hospitable and kind, you may stop to take more pictures in you want.

In a word, Xifenglin is a highly recommended site in Xingyi.




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