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  The Southwest of Guizhou is featured by stunning peak forests, spectacular canyons and minority custom, its beautiful natural scenery is highly recommonded and worth visiting.

  The No.1 scenic spot should be the Ten Thousand Peaks which includes the West peaks and the East peaks followed by Malin Gorge, Wanfeng Lake in Xingyi, Huajiang Grand Canyon in Guanlin, Two Breast Peaks in Zhenfeng. Another interesting thing to see in the region is to explore the minority villages and their festival costume. Buyi is the majority in the region among the minoritis, so it's very interesting to visit Bouyi and Miao village. The Buyi in Zhenfeng and Xinyi have excellent music and beautiful costumes, if you want to see this, you need to arrange a performance, the most famous music among the Buyi in the region is the music played with 8 traditional musical instruments.

  The Black Miao villages in Zhenfeng and Xinren are very interesting and worth visiting, women's trational festival dress is so pretty which is characterized by silver ornament decration and cross stitch on jackets.

  If lucky, you may come across some markets in the region, the market in Zhenfeng is very interesting, in the market, you can see Buyi and Black Miao women in trational costume go to the market buying or selling farm products.

  For adventure travelers, they can go to Zhenfeng to see Buyi people's indigenous paper-making and pottery making which is reached by a bad conditon road.

  Finally if you want to have a general idea of the minority in the Southwest Guizhou, you may visit the Wedding museum in Xiawutun--the outskirt of Xingyi City.

  So far there is only one 4 star hotel in Xinyi, it is the Aviation Hotel, the best choice for touring the region is to stay two nights in this hotel in Xinyi and one night in Jinzhou Hotel(2star standard, best one in the town) in Zhenfeng.

  The good season to visit this region is from March to November.
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