Wuliu Fertility Festival
 This year I already heard there would be the Miao Fertility Festival in Wuliu which is just about 6km away from my village, this festival is just after the Miao year new of my village. I also had a long time no stay with my parents, brothers, sisters spending the Miao new year, so I went back to my village to spend the Miao new year without arranging any tours, I want to have some free with my family.

  The Fertility festival in Wuliu is also held once every 13 years, the festival lasts 3 years, my father says this year is the last year, so there probably would be more than 20000 people coming to join the festival, thousands of Miao girls in holiday bests will dance at the foot of the village. I think it might be very interesting, but it's hard to know the right date for the dancing ceremony, so one day I decided go to Wuliu to find out the right information.

 It was a family hiking tour, my son, my wife and my father-in-law joined the tour, it took us 1 hours and 24 minutes to get to the village by walk. When we got to the edge of the big Wuliu village, we didn't see anyone dress festival dress, but I didn't want to come back with any good news, so I decided to try to get some information. The answer is that the best day for the dancing ceremony will be 2 weeks later, it was too late for me, fortunately there was a small ceremony on that day. The villagers will bring the wooden drum to visit another smaller Miao village, in fact there are total 4 villages. So of course I didn't want to lose this chance.

 While waiting for the ceremony, I saw a silver smith wash silver ornaments for the villgaers for the festival, I already met this man before in the other villge, he came from Kongba villge which is about 50km away from here. After waiting for about 1 and half hours, the ceremony started, I followed the ceremony group and took many pictures, I found it very interesting, so I puted the pictures on my web site, hope everyone can enjoy the pictures, because it' quite unusual.

  For more information of the Fertility festival, please visit my article-Miao Fertility Festival in Langde, it's almost the same as my village's, but only one thing is different, my villgae brings the mountain to each family's home by beating bronze drum, but people worship wooden drum in Wuliu village, and they beat the bronze drum once every 13 years, of course they will beat the wooden drum for several days during the festival.

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