Shexiang Grave

Lies at the foot of Mt Yunlong in the town of Dafang, Shexiang grave was a Yi heroine's burial place. Made of stone, with a height of 4.5 meters, a diameter of 6 meters, Shexiang grave was a round grave covering an area of 20000 square meters. The stone ingraving on the grave is marvelous, it's the historic evidence of upholding national unity and the county's unification.

The gave was listed as the national key pretection unit in 1988.
Shexiang was an outstanding female politician in the late Yuan dynaty and early Ming dynasty who has contributed great to the local community by buliding a long road for transporting and communicating with the central China during Zhuyuanzhang' reign who was the first emperor in the Ming dynasty, thus when she died when she was 1396, the special envoy was sent by the emperor-Zhuyuanzhang to Dafang, Shexiang was given the title of " Mrs Sunde of Daming"-the large and powerful Ming Kindom.

Near the grave is the Shexiang museum, built in May 1993. The museum displays Yi costume, showing the Yi's culture, history, traditions, architectures and so on. The grave and museum are both visiting.



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