Markets in Northwest Guizhou


There are many markets in the province of Guizhou, the markets in big cities, the markets in small towns in countryside. The markets in Southeast Guizhou, in South Guizhou, Southwest Guizhou, Northwest Guizhou, markets in Guiyang. The markkets in the Miao regions, the markets in the Dong areas, the markets in Yao regions, all is full of funs which simply shows local people's daily life, and many of them are worth a visit.

Some markets are held every 5 days, some every 6 days, some are on fixed day-Sunday, some are calculated the 12 aminals such as the Sunday market in Kaili, Rongjiang and Congjiang, the every 5 day held market in Chong'an, Huangping. So if you have a chance to the northwest of Guizhou, don't miss to see the local markets of that region. The markets in Weining are interesting and worth a visit.

The names of some towns in Weing are funny, they are so called "Longjie", " Majie", " Niuchang" and the like according to the 12 animals. For instance, "Longjie" means the Dragon street, the market in that town is held on the dragon day, similarly, "Majie" means the horse street, it's market is held on the horse day.

The market in a town called "Xueshan" is very interesting. The Big flower Miao and Yi are scatter around the town, so during the market day, the local Miao and Yi people come to the market, some sell potatoes, some sell chilies, some sell domestic animals. You will still see local Miao and Yi women in traditional embroided or fibal costurme. Some Yi women still wear silver hairpin for the market, the Big flower Miao women are in hemp cape and skirts which is grown by themselves.


You may come across a local man or woman or kids raising sheep on the plateau grass land. Sometimes you may find pigs in the groups, this is different from my village in Leishan, we seldom raise pigs on hills widely, however the local people of this region still practise this tradition, their pigs look more slim

This region is so high, about 2200 meters above sea level, so it's very cold in the moring and evening. Usually there is misty fog. Markets, sheep, people, fields of buck wheat make you an unique picture, that always remind me a different life.


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