Suoga Eco-Museum of Long Horned Miao

Suoga Eco-musesum was built on October23, 1997. It is about 208 kilometers from northwest of Guiyang city and 42kms from Liuzhi. The community of Suoga Eco-museum which consists of 12 natural villages occupies about 100 square kilometers.There lives a rare ethnic group called Long horned Miao who still maintain their unique culture.

The total population is about 4000 who live between the high mountains which is around 1600 meters high above sea level. The Long horned Miao keep perfectly and prolong their tranditional culture such as the equal and old democracy, the special custom of wedding, the rite of funeral, the special folk dances and songs as well as the exquisite embroidery arts.

The natural environment, the structure of the society, the ecolological enviroment and the mental life of the community of Suoga still exsist perfectly in the cultural ecology, and this is a part of Suoga community.

Another part is the material information center which was built in Longga village and occupies approximately 2000 square meters with the constructional area of 420 square meters. The style of the construction is the same as the tranditional residences' house with the exhibition hall, information room, computer room, office, traditional crafts selling department, guest room and the like. There is a small exhibition of the culture of Long horn Miao in the exhibition hall. There are also some materials of the memory of Long horn Miao such as photoes, sound record and video providing for the research.

Since 1998 when Suoga Eco-museum has been opened for 5 years, it has received more than thousands of scholars and experts from both at home and abroad.

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