Zhijin Cave

Regarded as " the first cave on earth", " the king of caves", " the wonder in the planet", Zhijin Cave is located in the northeast of Zhijin County, about 160km away from Guiyang, 13 km from the center of Zhijin.

Zhijin Cave was discovered and surveyed in April 1980 which was listed as one of the 40 best scenic spots in China. The cave is highy worth a visit or for survey. The bus trip from Guiyang is about 3 and half hours, the bus trip is stunning too but very hard, the cave is recommended to adventure travelers.

zhijin caveZhijin Cave is more than 12 km long, so far 6km of the cave was opened to tourists, the travel time in the cave by foot is approxmately 2 and half hours, and it's not really easy to finish the cave journey, so the ones who can not walk or climb too far are not encouraged to make the trip. But to be frank, this cave is the most spectacular one I've ever seen, I've seen lots of caves, and all of my group members enjoyed the trip, they all said that the cave was unusual and worth visiting in one's life.

The cave is featured by large scale, queer wonder and complete accumulated formulations. The average height and wideness are 40-100 meters, the largest hall in the cave is some 30000 square meters. It covers a total area of 700000 square meters. The average height of the accummulations in the cave reaches 40 meters, the highest one is 70 meters. Many sights in the cave are very queer and spectacular such as Silver rain tree-the national tresure, General's Helmet. There are totally more than 40 kinds of accummulations which include most of the accummulated forms and models of the world and are highly worth for science study and visiting.

Not too far away from the cave, there are some Side Comb Miao villages, you may visit the Miao villages, the Miao women's batik-making and twisted embroidery technique of this region are marvelous.

The saying " you won't visit any mountains when coming back from Mt Huangshan" goes well, I also want to say " you won't visit any caves when coming back from Zhijin cave".

zhijin cave zhijin cave zhijin cave  
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