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Four Miao Festival

Guizhou Gestival Tours,Feb,2016

Four Miao Festival Tour New!!!-accepting travelers

Guizhou Miao festival Tour Guizhou Miao festival Tour New!!-accepting travelers
Three Miao festival and Costume Guizhou Gestival Tours,Mar 2016
Three Miao festival and Costume Tour New!!-accepting travelers
Tiao Hua Po Festival Tour

Tiao Hua Po Festival Tour New!!!-accepting travelers

Dong Firecracker Festival Tour New!!-accepting travelers

Dong Firecracker Festival Tour New!!-accepting travelers

Sisters'Meal Festival Tour

Guizhou Gestival Tours,Apr 2016Sisters'Meal Festival Tour New!!!-accepting travelers

Over Clouds Festival Tour New!

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Gethering on the Slope Festival Tour

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New Rice Eating Festival Tour


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Tiaochang Festival


Tiaochang Festival New!-accepting travelers

Fangu Festival Tour

Guizhou Gestival Tours,Oct,Nov 2015

Fangu Festival Tour New!-accepting travelers

New Rice Tasting Festival Tour New!


New Rice Tasting Festival Tour New!-accepting travelers

Gulong Lusheng Festival Tour New!!!-accepting travelers


Gulong Lusheng Festival Tour New!!!-accepting travelers


Guizhou Gestival Tours,Nov,Dec 2016

Miao New Year Tour New!!!-accepting travelers
Miao New Year Tour Miao New Year Tour New!!-accepting travelers
Tiao Hua Po Festival Tour(Mar-Apr 2021)New!!!-Accepting travelers!

     Group size: 2-4 or 5-9   

     Group feature: Inclusive private tour


     Price: USD/pax, Single supplement: USD/pax
     The price includes all meals, accomodation, entry fees, car, English-speaking guide, drinking water and tip for guide, driver and hotel bellboys.

     It does not include your departure air fare, personal expenditure such as shopping, hotel phone call, laundry, any damage to hotel facility.


Mar 24, 2021 Arrive in Guiyang airport, guide meet the airport and transfer to Anshun.

                       Stay in Anshun


Mar 25 Anshun--Longga Village(Liuzhi) B+L+D

Watch a performance of song and dance of the Long horned Miao in Longga.This small mysterious group is characterized by a horizontal long false hair wrapped in a figure 8 around a huge wooden ox horn. this group numbers only some 4000 in the province.

                      SStay in Longga Village(Long Horn Miao)


Mar 26 Longga--Shuicheng B+L+D

we will be welcomed by a ceremony of rice wine, songs and dances at Cichong Side Comb Miao village en route, we also see the Big Flower Miao.
                       Stay in Shuicheng(Liupanshui)


Mar 27 Shuicheng B+L+D

Drive to see Tiao Hua Po festival on a mountain slope near Nankai.
Thousands of the Small Flower Miao in gala costume concentrate on the selected slope dancing, playing Lusheng, selling sugar cane, some are dressing and arranging their long wool hair by the pond or creek. Everything looks peaceful and harmonious (Feb 15 in lunar calendar).
                       Stay in Shuicheng(Liupanshui)


Mar 28 Shuichen--Guiyang B+L+D

Drive back to Guiyang, visit Fuyuan batik workshop, visit Yunshantun village and see ground opera performance en route.
                       Stay in Guiyang


Mar 29 Guiyang--Chonganjiang--Zhenyuan B+L+D

watch a performance song and dance of the Gejia people in a Gejia village where women wear peculiar style of military dress amd elaborate silver ornaments. Wax printing will be demonstrated. Enjoy the view of old mills from the main highway en route. Have a boat trip on the Wuyang river.
                       Stay in Zhenyuan


Mar 30 Zhenyuan--Kaili B+L+D

Explore the Black Dragon Cave old architecture, built some 600years ago, presents the cultures of Buddhishm,Taoism and Confucianism comprehensively and is unique in layout which is the largest and most well preserved one in the provingce. Drive to Kaili, visit Dazhai Miao village on the way.
                       Stay in Kaili


Mar 31 Kaili--Langde B+L+D

Visit Nanhua village, Jidao village and Langde Miao village..

                   Stay in Langde Miao Village


Apr 1 Xijiang--Rongjiang B+L+D

Visit Liangwang mini skirt Miao village and see performance, visit Kazhai Miao village and see performance.

                  Dongxiangmi Hotel(3star standard)


Apr 2 Rongjiang--Liping B+L+D

Today we will drive to Liping, visit Dimen Dong village en route, in the afternoon, visit Longli old town and the natural stone bridge.
                       Stay in Liping


Apr 3 Liping--Zhaoxing B+L+D

Drive to Zhaoxing,visit Tang'an Dong village and make the hiking tour from Tang'an to Zhaoxing, we will walk through upper Xiage and Lower Xiage Dong villages, the terraced fields nearby Tang'an is spectacular.
                    Zhaoxing Hotel or similar(3star standard)


Apr 4 Zhaoxing--Rongjiang B+L+D

Visit Yintan Dong village and a Miao village.
                        Dongxiangmi Hotel(3star standard)


Apr 5 Rongjiang--Sandu--Duyun B+L+D

Take part in an incredible wonderful ceremony of song and dance of the Hundred Bird Miao in Baibei village. They are so called Hundred Bird Miao, because chicken feather is used for decorations at the bottom hemline of women's jackets. Visit a Shui village in Jichang and watch silver making if possible.
                        Stay in Duyun


Apr 6 Duyun--Guiyang B+L+D

This morning we will visit the minority museum of Southern Guizhou,drive back to Guiyang. we check in first when arrival Guiyang, we drive to visit Hongfu Buddhist temple which dates back to 1672, have its superb and delicious vegetarian banquet as our farewell dinner.
                        Stay in Guiyang

D15 Apr 7 Guiyang--Your next destination B

Leave Guiyang for your next destination by air after breakfast, finish the memorable Guizhou trip.

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